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CaCO3 - Stoneware
by Laura Lynn Jansen & Thomas Vailly
Stone is extracted from the earth, carved, cut and assembled to fit a purpose. It cannot be constructed. Technological progress allow mankind to design matter itself but could stone be cultivated or grown into a desired shape?
Together with scientists, geologs and craftmen, this cross-disciplinary design project studied the geological process of petrification in the French region Auvergne, a none active volcanic area. Over the course of one year, fossiles of a new kind have been procduced withing selected thermo-mineral springs.

Our pieces are priced per day of natural production and each piece is unique.
We design the inner structure of any desired object and let stone grow on it for weeks. The longer the object is left, the thicker and more random the structure becomes.

Presskit and high resolution pictures are available here
pictures by Floor Knaapen
made possible by Stimulerings Fonds & Stichting Stokroos